Careers In Heathcare After Medical Assistant Training: MA Specialization

Posted on April 24, 2017

Going to medical assistant training school to become a medical assistant sets you up for a fulfilling career working in healthcare - a career that can follow different paths depending on your goals. 

One such medical assistant career pathway would be to specialize in a particular clinical area. 

Your way into working in one of these specialized areas can vary, but usually starts with one or more of the following: extra certification, additional training, extended medical assisting experience, and an interest in an area of medicine that treats a particular patient group.  

If specializing as a medical assistant sounds appealing as you look forwards to where your healthcare career might take you, here are 5 clinical specialties you might want to bookmark in your mind for the future reference.  

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Pharmacy Tech Program: San Francisco Graduate Spotlight #4

Posted on April 19, 2017

Ariann Velasquez (pictured on the right ringing the BAMA 'Got Hired Bell' along with a fellow BAMA graduate) is now working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens after graduating BAMA's pharmacy tech program.

"I like the rush of my job," says Ariann. "It makes me feel alive."

Ariann was hired at the Walgreens site where he completed his externship.

While a pharmacy technician graduate isn't guaranteed to find employment at the site where they completed their externship, it's something of a regular occurrence for students enrolled in BAMA's pharmacy tech program.

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Does Your Future Point To Working In Healthcare?

Posted on April 17, 2017

Bay Area Medical Academy recently attended The Future Of Healthcare panel discussion hosted by the San Francisco Business Times at The Fairmont, San Francisco.

Panelists were: David Entwistle, President and CEO, Stanford Health Care; Tom X. Lee, CEO and Founder, One Medical; Sarah Krevans, President and CEO, Sutter Health; Cal Knight, President and CEO, John Muir Health; David Joyner, CEO, Hill Physicians Medical Group; and Janet A. Liang, President, Northern California, Kasier Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Inc. 

During the discussion, panelists addressed topics and issues such as health reform, new technologies and innovations, providing affordable and quality patient care, and healthcare expansion within the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Medical Assistant Training Program: Graduate Spotlight #1

Posted on April 14, 2017

Joan Garchitorena, BAMA Medical Assistant Graduate, says, "One of the reasons I decided to train to be a medical assistant was because my father passed away from a heart attack; it opened my eyes to a healthcare career and helping people."

Now Joan is doing just what she set out to do, which is making a difference in patients' lives with her first healthcare job after graduating BAMA's medical assistant training program and completing her externship

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Why You Should Volunteer During Your Medical Assistant Training

Posted on April 12, 2017

How can a medical assistant graduate ensure their job application gets noticed when they only have their medical assistant training and externship experiences to put on their resume? 

It's a question you may be asking yourself as you consider enrolling in a medical assistant training schoolYou want to be prepared for the job market. 

One way you can grab the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter is to show you have healthcare volunteering experience. 

"Along with minimal qualifications and a customer service background, I look for an entry-level medical assistant to have volunteer experience in the healthcare field," says John Parshall, Senior Recruiter at Stanford Health Care (SHC)"Highlight on your resume anything that suggests you're passionate about going into the healthcare field." 

So how do you sign up to be a healthcare volunteer? And once you're signed up, what kind of volunteer work will you have to do? 

Let's address those questions right now.  

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Customer Service + Medical Assistant Training = Great MA Job Candidate

Posted on April 10, 2017

If you're a medical assistant in the making, and you have a history of retail customer service work you're proud of, ensure you showcase that customer service experience on your resume. When you do this, you're demonstrating to a healthcare employer your past customer service performance is likely a good indicator of the future patient care you're capable of providing. 

"People who come from a retail background make great medical assistants," says John Parshall, Senior Recruiter at Stanford Health Care (SHC) "It's the same type of people interaction, but in a different environment. How do you deal with someone who is having a bad day in retail? The same skills are used in healthcare."

If you're currently enrolled at a medical assistant training school, or thinking about enrolling, your past or present customer service background is something you'll want to showcase on your resume when you apply for your first medical assistant position. 

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60 Second Look: SF Bay Area Salaries After Medical Assistant Training

Posted on April 07, 2017

Once you've completed your medical assistant training, are you wondering what kind of salaries medical assistants are being paid in the San Francisco Bay Area?

While medical assistant salary depends on a number of factors, such as qualifications, experience, hours worked, the area you live in, and the type of medical facility you're working in, the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics has published median wage salary statistics for medical assistants, as of May 2016.  (Bureau of Labor economic, employment, and labor force projections are updated biyearly.)

Let's take a 60-second look at the highest paying metropolitan areas in the San Francisco Bay Area for medical assistants.  

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Student Of The Month Advice For Medical Assistant Training Newbies

Posted on April 05, 2017

The medical assisting training program at Bay Area Medical Academy, or BAMA as we call it, is a popular program with our students. 

The program is designed to provide the entry-level student with a solid foundation in clinical and administrative duties to begin a medical assisting career. 

If you're considering enrolling in a medical assistant training school, here's some helpful advice from BAMA Students of the Month on how you can succeed in the classroom with your healthcare training

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MARP: A Career Stepping Stone In Your Medical Assistant Training

Posted on April 03, 2017

Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) introduced their Medical Assistant Residency Program (MARP) in 2014, and since then they've been training new medical assistant hires to work at their outpatient clinics located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In fact, MARP has been overwhelmingly successful.

"There's a 95 per cent success rate of residents graduating and being hired by PAMF outside of the program," says Candis Maninang, PAMF Sourcer. 

If you've set your sights on a healthcare career and enrolling in a Bay Area medical assistant training school, you should definitely keep this renowned residency program in mind once you've graduated.

MARP is certainly a career stepping stone for the ambitious medical assistant. 

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Climbing The Career Ladder After Your Medical Assistant Training

Posted on March 29, 2017

Completing your medical assistant training and starting your first job in that role is not the end of your healthcare journey, but just the beginning.

Career ladders exist for medical assistants.

For instance, working as a medical assistant at Stanford Health Care (SHC) is a great opportunity to learn,  grow, and further educate yourself as you develop your career in the long term.

Talking about their clinical assistant/medical assistant (CA/MA) career ladder, John Parshall, a Senior Recruiter for Stanford Health Care, says: "You're accumulating responsibilities. As you move on up, for example, your scope of work increases when it comes to interacting with patients, Nurses, and Doctors."

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