Bay Area Medical Academy Medical Assistant Graduates Are Earning More

Posted on April 04, 2018

Do you want to take advantage of the healthcare industry boom that's happening in the San Francisco Bay Area?

And start a healthcare career working as a medical assistant?

Respected, essential, and sought-after by healthcare employers, medical assistants are versatile healthcare support workers who make patients feel at ease, while also helping physicians with clinical and administrative duties.

Working Bay Area Medical Academy medical assistant graduates are also finding it's a career that's having a financial impact in their lives. 

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Use Your Customer Service Skills Working In Retail Pharmacy

Posted on April 04, 2018

Are you an expert barista? A stellar grocery clerk?  Or a rock star retail assistant? Do you treat customers in a way that leaves them with smiles on their faces? And just one more thing... are you looking for a career change?

Have you considered a new career working as a retail pharmacy technician?

As someone who knows how to get customers singing your praises, you already own one of the top pharmacy technician skills needed to work in retail pharmacy - your customer service savvy!

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